Sunday, 9 September 2012

Class-Opinion and thought

I have learnt many different things about google. I learnt the idea of free writing and how sometimes when you write it doesn't need to have a full purpose. It can be just for the pleasure if letting your mind flow to get that full energy of thoughts flowing.

My class is diverse it has a wide variety of cultures and people, ideas and dreams. These are somethings that make the person. I enjoy the fun that this class has with everything, and at the same time the quietness and simplicity that we have in class as a class. Everybody gets along, well most of the time.

In English class right now free writing is our topic and the basic skills needed for english class and for the internet itself (Creative Commons). I would though like to change the sitting arrangement, its very crowded and wastes space, and the use of tables. But other than that the idea of not raising your hand the everything else, i quite like.


  1. Good job Tzur really like the layout of your paragraphs and blog good job!

  2. Nice blog! I can see you like cooking because of the spices on your background

  3. I agree with you Tzur. The idea of just writing is itself very entertaining as it's a way to let your ideas flow and write about what you believe in whether it is meaningful or not.