Tuesday, 18 September 2012


The Olympics are big event full of people from all over the world. Its so interesting to see who wins this year in which sport. Having all the famous athletes under one roof, competing for their countries. The things that people put so much effect into. The opening ceremonies and the closing ceremonies. The declaration of which country will be holding the next Olympics next year.

The Olympics are an event where you compete not just between you and the other opponents, but you compete against countries. You see the effort the hosting country puts in to the ceremonies, and the artistic skills of the performers who open and close the Olympics.

The athletes dont only represent their countries but also their skills, to portrait their hard work the other foor years of their training to get there, to the pool, court, table or mat. One thing that the Olympics though represent for some families is the deaths of the athletes who were  murdered in 1972. But you can  only respect those who were their to represent their country.

The Olympics are the best time to get to be with friends. To look back at the other Olympics, in Athens,   Rio De Janeiro, London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo,Oslo, Moscow..... and more. And lastly, this may sound boring, it is a time to see the history behind it, it is a great time to see how we have evolved from the Greek Olympics, to the Winter, Summer and Paralympics (winter and summer)

If only I could go see the next Olympics in Brazil in 2016.

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