Tuesday, 18 September 2012

UWC Scholarship Activity

Getting a Scholarship would be some great. It would show that you are a hard working student whose intelligent and willing.

If I was to get a scholarship to one of the UWC campuses around the globe, I would want to get accepted to The Red Cross Nordic campus. It sounds as though they have great influence on the students there, and the idea of having compulsory language course for non-Scandinavian  speaking students, is something that shows that they want their students to feel comfortable and be one with locals, be one with a society.  The Idea that they have a Red Cross habilitation centre in the school, caught me eye, because I have never seen or been to a school who have a facility of the red cross in it.

Not only does the school itself seem interesting but the location too. In the West mountains in Norway. First I have always wanted to live in Europe, and second always wanted to live where is snows in the winter.

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