Sunday, 28 October 2012


What we consider Normal is effected by how we are brought up. It varies in the places we live. Like living in Singapore, you are more open to other cultures and ways of thinking if you go to an international school. But lets say you are in a local school in Saudi Arabia, you are brought up learning your religion, and this is right and that is wrong.

Being Abnormal is only defined by what we see. How we act, our background and how we look.  In most places, there are the following categories: Popular, Nerds/Geeks, Losers, Emo etc. But this is all from one perspective. It all begins again in how you grow up, and what is "accepted". Most people are now affected by, their clothes. If you don't wear or own a certain piece of clothing, than you could be an 'outsider'. It all depends on how people think of you.

If someone wears tight and short clothes, then they are normal, but if someone wears lets say a long skirt and this flowery long-sleeved shirt, then they are alienated. This is only in some places; I'm not saying this happens everywhere. In some places, religion is very strong in the community. So some men were these robes, which look like dresses. In places people walk with very loose clothes, either because their religion or something else.

Lets say for example, in the US, an Indian man walks around in these robes, which look like a dress to some people. People look at him funny, laugh, point or even just stare at him for a while. He might feel uncomfortable or he just ignores them. Its his body, his life, his reason for wearing it and he shouldn't be judged because of it. The saying- "Never judge a book by its cover"- has lots of depth. It means don't thing of someone something, just because of the exterior, may it be: Background, religion, language, skin colour, tattoos etc. It can be about anything.

The point is don't let people change you, if they need or want you then they should change for you.

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