Monday, 15 October 2012

HEE HEE HEE it's Day three

Dear readers by the time you read this Day 4 would've started, the reason if you ask is the hotel only provides WIFI to the rooms from the 8th floor and above but of course they have their reasons.

So Day 3......

Well today's wake up call was later than the one we had before. The hotel we stayed in had a wonderful buffet. The food was magnificent. But today was different than most days, today was very cultural. We started off with Tai Chi. We let our bodies relax, we let our chi flow. It was pretty simple and we did three different ,moves and put them together. A group of elderly people greeted us. They were sweet but spoke I rapid Chinese so Mr.Mark, our tour guide, had to translate some sentences. After that we went to see Confucius Temple. But on the way we had a stop at a shrine to see some culture.

The temple was kind of interesting, I wasn't like most temples with the big statue in the middle. In he middle of this temple was a shrine to offer things and that's it. The building had dragon statues on their roofs. This was to say they didn't want this place to burn, because the in Chinese culture dragons were masters or the sky they controlled the rain.

After the temple we had lunch at a famous restaurant where their famous dish it a shrimp rolls with pork, and truly it was delicious. We also had individual noodle soup, octopus balls- the kind like fish balls or normal meat balls, also so porridge and spinach in garlic.

After lunch everybody went out for a random walk, it was really random everybody just kept walking until we were asked to turn back towards the hotel. On the way the whole group stopped to buy some dessert and it was amazing. I bought lemon tart is was so so good. Creamy, crunchy sour and sweet.

Now as we were full we headed out to the Eternal Golden Castle though for some reason I don't remember anything at that point..... But any way. We stopped at some tree house which was really cool. It was like stepping into some magical story where you enter a forest and you slowly see there are walls and secret passages. It was exactly like that. After that we took the bus to, Tainan Old Street where we did a bit of shopping and also saw the Fort Zeelandia. There was this tower over looking part of the city. The top wasn't as amazing as I thought it was but as you climb up the stairs (there was elevator) the walls had a drawn timeline it was beautiful. It was handmade and it walked about how the Portuguese sailors called this place Formosa and how the Dutch came to rule etc etc.

After all of this we went to the actual fun part, souvenir shopping. We came to this long road with little shops, which sold food and watches, handmade decorations and wallets, leather jewelry and rings and diamond necklaces. We had an hour and than met back again get on the bus to get back on a train to Taoyuan. The train ride felt longer. We had dinner on the train. Chicken, rice and fish cake also some cabbage. It was nice the train the train ride we took another bus to the hotel were I write these words.

So this was day 3, very open to Taiwan life. Tomorrow we go to the gold museum, go to another street to see the local food and later make our Pingxi Sky Lanterns.

Good night :)

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  1. Love that you are blogging on holiday. Keep it up Pictures please