Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Knowledge has thrived in day five

The morning in day five was pretty normal like everyday. Wake up, look around check the time, go back to sleep, half an hour later wake up again and this time stand up and get ready for breakfast. We headed out today for a cooking class.

We made Pineapple cakes, the traditional kind that are very well known all per Taiwan. We went to the factory and had a small lesson. The dough and filling was already made. So all we had to do was to make the balls and put them into the mould, so we get the shapes we want. Then went for a quick tour of the place. We saw a dramatic video just for pineapples. A bright light coming from the Galaxy and then coming to earth. It made all the plants thrive and green. Then the video went like this on and on. We then tasted already made cakes. It tasted really good. The inside was sticky and sweet and tasted just like pineapple. The crust outside was soft and the texture was smooth, it just melted into your mouth.

After we took our cakes and went down to the shop. We tasted some food and bought some of their products. They make jerky, red bean cakes, honey cheese cakes and some other cakes and of course Pineapple cakes their signature food. Everything tasted nice, sweet or savoury, crunchy or smooth.

After the traditional cooking lesson we headed to a traditional arts centre. We saw what the older generations played with. The time without Wii, play station, Xbox etc... The place was quiet but nice. It had a temple like most places, and had a show with performances showcasing different toys used once. We had sometime after to buy some stuff and enjoy the cool weather.

Around 4 pm we headed to look at a famous building. It was built differently, instead of up and down, it looked like it was sinking inside a pond. It was pretty cool to look at it and try to make out the features.

Lastly we went to the Shihlin Night Market. It was a spectacular. All the lights in the shops were over whelming. Some of the foods were looking really good, but my group bought hamburgers. They were so good, juicy and full of flavor. I guess it was because we have been eating almost the same thing everyday, rice soup and vegetables. After a while you kind of get bored.  The most weirdest thing that happened was when we met the Dover campus in the Market. Unlike us they had identical hats while we had name tags.

Good Night my fellow readers, because tomorrow is our last day in Taiwan.

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