Saturday, 20 October 2012

Last Post, Last Time, Last post in my time in Taiwan

Sorry this is late, very late.

The last day in Taiwan was extraordinary.  We got to enjoy the view from Taipei 101. The tallest building in South East Asia. It has so many shops, and not only that we got to learn a bit of history and culture the biggest reason we came for. The schedule was different yet the same. Meaning the places we went to were the same but the order we did them was changed.

So the first thing we went to was, Taipei 101. We went all the way to the 89th floor; it was the highest we could go. We saw the whole view of Taipei. It was amazing; it was like being a huge giant looking down at multicoloured ants (Cars) and the roofs of buildings. We had an audio guide telling us about the history, how there was a tobacco factory that is now being changed to a place that will be filled with culture, temples, shops, museums. We then did a bit of shopping. We also learnt that this building has one of the fastest elevators in the world. It is fast as 1010km per hour. It took us 36 second to get from the 5Th floor to the 89Th floor.

After the admiration of Taipei 101, we headed for the 44 South Village. Now I thought the place would be bit more glamorous than it actually was. It was a small place with clustered houses and a not so large pavilion with a small stall selling grains and some dried fruit. But it was really a nice sight. We saw how the soldiers who dwelled there lived. Also there was a couple taking wedding photos. The groom with a white suit and the bride was wearing a white dress with a corsage.

We were in the village for about twenty minutes and then headed to the news reporting studio. We had an hour to write down our speeches. Most people hadn’t finished everything completely but from what I’ve heard everybody did great. We were also put into groups. I was with Josh. We did an ‘interview’; I asked how his trip in Taiwan was; Most ‘reports’ were. They were also spoken in Chinese. It was fun and exciting. We thought were going to go live on TV, since we also were in the Taiwanese newspaper, twice. Instead we were recorded.

After all the fun and recoding, we had a small ceremony to end out trip with the IQ Chinese team. They organised most of the trip. They gave each student a copy of the newspaper we were written about. We also got a certificate and a cup with a group photo, how thoughtful.

Now I’m back in Singapore and soon will write about the trip to Sydney, Australia which I have already started. Stay tuned

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