Saturday, 13 October 2012

Lion City to Formosa

Waking up in Singapore is something I got really used to over the last six years, but, today when I woke up I was excited. I knew today I was going to do something new that would later in life, help me to become independent. I was flying to Taiwan.

So the whole morning was I trying to double check that I had everything, and double checking that I double checked everything. Setting out I didn't feel nervousness I felt quite normal, like I have done this before in my life which I haven't. The school was quiet, it was a ghost town with color, the only noise was from the cars on the road or people speaking to each other. Though slowly walking to the chosen meeting point, you can hear life. You suddenly see people and suitcases and a UWC bus waiting.

Saying hi, feeling a bit awkward because I'm new. Though I did see few familiar faces. The teachers said their hellos, being friendly; checking everything and then getting everybody (student only)  on the bus. Only here did I feel I small squeez in my gut, telling me: 'you are going overseas without your parents, you are doing something completely new'. Now the feeling was weird and very new but I knew it would pass and it did. Saying our last goodbyes waving through the windows I and 16 other students were heading to Changi airport.

Changi airport,one of the famous airports in the world. Go to check in and then split up to go enjoy ourselves for a bit. After eating and just running around looking at over priced items. We made our way to the gate, feeling a bit more at ease, I walked more freely.

We entered the plane after a long passport check and waiting and asking each other to change sits and with my luck, I got the seat with a tv screen that didn't work, so for 4 hours I read a book and almost finished it. It was supposed to last the whole week!!!
Outside my window the sky changes from eye burning light blue of the Singaporean tropical region to the more cool sunset colors of Northern Asia. It was tricky seeing something age before your very own eyes, but it was truly a magical sight. It was being high as the rainbow in the sky.

We touched ground right away you could feel the temperature has changed, you don't feel so warm and your lips a bit dry because the humidity is much more different than the one in the Lion City.

So setting out to Formosa AKA Taiwan we took a specially ordered tour bus which kind of looked like a "Opan Gangnam style" bus. We got to the hotel which was really beautiful from the inside and the outside.

And I'm writing these last few words saying good night, I'm going to sleep as tomorrow I start the first actual day of the 'Taiwan trip'.....

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