Sunday, 7 October 2012

Perspective of Writing

Enduring the Understanding!

Seeing different point of views lets us "put ourselves in someone else's shoes". It lets us understand different people lets us see how people are unique. Being and seeing through someones else's eyes. Writing 'My Scene' in 1st and 3rd person helped me understand how something can change, how just by looking at something through someone else's perspective the meaning can change or become clearer. I now understand that having different points of view lets us think, discuss and explore writing, it opens our eyes to new ideas and thoughts

How and Why do we see differently?

We see different because we are all different. We are brought up in different homes, believe in different things and are interested in different stuff. We look at things mostly on how it might effect us or someone very close to us. Most us dont do many selfless acts immediately in our lives because we look at things from one perspective, our perspective. Now our thoughts of things are wrong especially when they are just ideas where we guess and ask. But that also doesn't mean that your answer/thought is the only right one. We are unique, but we are one. We are all effect one way or another through people;s actions, but to really know people and understand them we need to see differently, we need to open our minds and hearts. We see differently because of our beliefs and our lives.

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  1. I really like how you describe everything you said in this writing deeply. I agree on everything you said on this, we do see differently when we look in other people's point of views and that we are all different.