Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Single Stories

Today in class we watched a TED video. A Nigerian author named Chimamanda Adichie. She talked about the single stories all over the world and how they 'Rob people of their dignity'.

She said that the single stories are everywhere and that they make us see everything through a single lens. This lens obscures our vision of the world. We also learnt how to take notes and we combined these two together.

I summed up this video and its message like this:

  • Single Stories destroy our view of people around the world.
  • Single stories dominate a place and person.
  • We need to interact and not immediately judge.
This one Mr. Raisdana Said:
  • Stories give people power!
And its true, with people who are famous or come from wealthier countries, they can influence more people, than someone from a less popular country.

The whole video was about this author, Chimamanda, who comes from Nigeria. She became a writer, and told told stories, of her life that led up to this whole concept of- Single Stories. She grew up reading stories in a very early age, but she read only english books, and so when she started to write her own stories, they were all with Western characteristics. She later came upon african books, and only then did she start to notice changes.

Two stories I would like to talk about, that she herself talked about. Here is the first.
When she wrote a book in her university, her professor said that the story she wrote, wasn't with enough African authenticity. People weren't poor and they all drove cars. At that moment she understood, thought of single stories.

The second story.
She was giving a lecture to a group of students, when after she finished a student came up an said that her read one of her books, and that he is sorry that all Nigerian fathers beat other people, she answered back that she is sorry that all American teens are murderers. 

In these two stories you start to see the meaning of, the single story concept. We as humans we are vulnerable to single stories everyday. We now have these thoughts of different people and places. We see these subjects through one point of perspective.

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Have a thought and comment if you want about this- When you hear or think of a poor country what thoughts, images or words come into your mind?

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