Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Taiwan Day four

Readers of my blog today we had the latest wake up call from any of days we had or will have, 7:30 am. We headed out to the gold museum at 9 am. It was a long bus ride but we eventually reached there. It was in the mountains and felt like we were in the middle o nowhere.

The place was pretty old. It had houses influenced by Japanese architecture. We saw the house of one of the generals who lived in the area along time ago.
We later after climbing stairs taking photos and having a whole local school which was on field trip taking photos of us and shout, 'Hello' or 'Ni Hao ma?'. I guess that's how celebrities feel.

To be with the miners of the past we were given helmets and entered a tunnel. It went right to the middle of the mountain and had a few steep climbs. It was dark and cool and was more moist than the weather outside.  We than entered the museum itself.

 The museum was small but didn't have much of amazing things.  But there was one artifacts that weighed 220kg and if anybody wanted to go and try to fit it they could. Everybody tried it was super heavy and it's surface so smooth from all the other hands that tried to push it off the pedestal or lift or tilt it. Lunch was once again  a way to feel like the miners. We had a Miners Lunch Box. It was a tin box wrapped in a cloth/bandana that had the map of the place sewn on it. We could keep it. We ate pork chop rice and some sour/spicy vegetables.

 After we headed to a street full of shops, they sold foods, pranks souvenirs. We had an activity on the way to try and do until we met again. We had to go and ask three different people what they are eating, what it taste like, what is the shape, if it is hot or cold and they had to sign in a small box to show that we asked them. All of this had to be done in Chinese.

Then we entered the first theater in Taiwan. It had chairs aligned one by one, and a big whale screen. It was pretty old. There were posters on the walls of the very first movies that played in the theater, but they were worn and their colors were faded.

After the sightseeing and shopping and food tasting, we drove high up to the mountain peek. I got a little dizzy from all the sharp twists and turns. We reached our destination it was a little town or village, that most of its shops specialized in selling lanterns. There some shops that late you make the really big lanterns and then have the, float up into the air with a wish we wrote on it.  Our dinner after wards was in a little restaurant. We had rice, sweet and sour pork, some cooked vegetables and oyster soup. we then had a long bus ride to the hotel, because we had to get all the way back to bottom of the mountain and then ride back to the city. The hotel we are staying it has no Wifi for my room so by the time you read this day 5 would've started. So please bard with me for a bit and sorry for all the posts which are a bit out of chronological order.

Good Day!!!

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