Wednesday, 10 October 2012

"The Emerald Atlas" John Stephens

John Stephens used to be a producer for 10 years on television. But later took on the career as a writer and now has a bestseller novel, The Emerald Atlas.

I just read the Prologue but its great. The first sentence is already pulling you in. I love how the author starts the book in a dark night where the problem starts to accure right away. Its full description and you can see the whole scene in your head.

The reason I chose this book is because of the title- 'The Emerald Atlas'. It is in emerald green and stands out. Then I read the blurb. It was quite an interesting way to right a blurb, describing the characters yet in the same time giving you hints of what the novel is about.

Well, Ms. Day said this book is pretty good and since she is the librarian and since Mr. Raisdana said that she has a pretty good picture of each book, my expectations are high. But also because, this book from just seeing the way the author writes, I feel like this book is a book I will not leave until I'm finished reading it.

In the book, the problem is about a mysterious person who is looking for the three main characters, the three kids which the story revolves around. But at the same time the kids have to learn Magic and find their parents.

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