Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Land Down Under- Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain is a small place in Australia and is 2 hours drive from Sydney. So I, my parents and sister woke up and got ready. We packed clothes for one night and two days. Then headed out to get in and drive away in our rented car. It is a shiny, blue car. Not as impressing as Ferrari but it will be good to drive in the wild.

We got here around 1pm unpacked, went to buy some fresh water and set out to a brisk walk to see the three sisters. The three sisters, are rocks who were previously apart of the seven sisters. The rocks were named, the three sisters because of an aboriginal myth. A king wanting to save his three daughters from an evil monter turned them to stone, Harsh!!!
The weather was freezing; forget what I said about the weather in Taiwan, here you felt like a Popsicle with feet. We eventually reached the point took a few photos and entered a small shop to warm up a bit. Now in there I got a surprise, we were going to climb down 900 stairs, oh by now it was like 3pm if I’m remembering it right, and our last cable car to get back up the mountain was at 16:50 pm. Boy I wasn’t expecting this,

So heading out walking down the stairs, which were narrow, so narrow if you painted them black and coloured the stoned around them yellow they would look like snake eyes. The stairs were slippery and the rails were so cold, I could just imagine myself holding on to ice bars every time I closed my eyes.

Approximately at 15:35 we reached the bottom now we had to walk for an hour and half to get the cable car station. At first it was all swell, the weather kept you on your feet a bit, it kept you awake. After a while your feet began to swell. I was told that we would be walking down the mountain but as much as I could see sometimes there were lots of climbs going up. I and my dad split up with my sister and mom. We wanted to take a few pictures. We caught up after a while. By the time we got to the famous water fall, my feet felt like lead, and at the same time I could hardly feel them. The path we walked on wasn’t flat and straight, the ground had rocks jutting out and the stairs that you could walk on, were so worn from a thousand other feet, that they were slippery and very irritating to walk on. But all ends well, we reached the cable car and enjoyed a small rest. It was worth it even though I complained.

Later after the walk, we headed back to the hotel, on the way me and my mom saw half a snake on the road just outside a Chinese restaurant. My feet turned to jelly, so badly the pain from the walk disappeared in seconds. Now don’t get me wrong, it was cool, its not something you see everyday.

Dinner was the most enjoyable part of the day. We went into a café. Everything made you feel like you entered a small grandma’s house. All the furniture was made out of wood. We sat down and ordered, nice hot lentil soup, since the weather hasn’t warmed up a bit since the walk.  I then ate chicken which was coated with a bit of paprika and had some salad. Everything was amazing, the flavours and colours and the people were so nice.

Good night all readers. Tomorrow I don’t know where I will be going, its another surprise.

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