Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Land Down Under- In the East

Australia, the land down under. Is the home to the big red rock, The Ayers Rock or the Uluru, and this is where I will be spending my second week of the October Holiday. I will be in Sydney and Blue Mountain. Both are very famous places in Australia.

So Sunday, I woke up very late. 11:30 am. So I and my parents headed out to see the city a bit. We went down to the harbour, saw the Opera House. We first went to The Rocks, a small market, with handmade souvenirs and food stalls. We bought a hand made wooden train toy spelling a name. We also bought some glass souvenirs, showcasing famous animals of Australia, and also famous places in Sydney; of course they were all handmade which was really cool.

Later we entered the Contemporary art museum. There were some nice galleries. Most art was very different than most art pieces I saw in the past. This was more modern and was less paint and more sculptural.  I was more impressed then my parents though. Like my dad said and I translate and quote, “It speaks to you, more than it speaks to us”. One sculpture in the fourth floor was in the shape of the ear. The three bones- Hammer, Stirrup and Anvil- were in more transparent material, maybe glass, while the rest was marble.

After the galleries, we bought some ice cream, it was very tasty. I chose Vanilla and Royal Copenhagen (Honeycomb and Butterscotch).  We heard some music, the didgeridoo mixed with some contemporary music. It was quiet unique. Since the didgeridoo is not an easy instrument to play. On we went and stopped at a show,a solo street circus. Even though we came in the end, the last performance was cool. It wasn’t amazing but interesting. The performer stood on a thin statue; he built, and juggled, a knife, flaming torch and a stick. All of this he did blind folded, and the things that covered his eyes were spoons.

We walked on, the weather was dry and cool. It was spring in Australia after all. Not as hot as Singapore but not as cool in Taiwan. In my opinion I preferred the weather in Taiwan, it was more refreshing and I felt calmer walking in that type of weather.

We headed further into the city, but a bit further than all the tourists. After a few minutes my dad headed back to the hotel, he was tired. So my mom, sister and I headed to the Opera House. We didn’t go in because we have tour tomorrow. But we did take photos of the outside. I thought the building would be whiter than it truly is. Don’t get me wrong the building was beautiful and the tint of yellow made it look antique and very strong but to me I found it a bid disappointing at first' but you grow to love beauty.

Soon we felt a bit hungry and headed back slowly to the hotel. We passed through the Botanical Gardens. There were lots of roses. All in different colors, but the most common were:t Pink, the most common of all, white, sometimes with tint of pink, I found these more alluring then the clean, slick white ones. I took some photos of four statues. All suppose to represent four Roman Gods, Neptune (Greek, Poseidon), Ceres (Greek, Demeter), Vulcan (Greek, Hephaestus) and another which I’m sorry to say, I’m not sure. She held the caduceus; the symbol of Mercury (Greek, Hermes).

Soon we were back in the hotel, rested a bit, and then headed out to look for dinner. After a few minutes we understood that we won’t find a restaurant in this time of day, around 8:00 pm. So we headed back to the hotel and ate in the restaurant there. Boy, the food was good. I ate for entrĂ©e, Duck Pithivier, pastry filled with soft creamy duck. Then the highlight was the Main course, I took Beetroot ravioli. Wow, it was amazing, with spinach and pesto sauce and cherry tomatoes. Then I left half for my mom, we shared to meals, half and half. The second half of my main course meal was Blue Eyed Cod, with crab and olive sauce and lentil mash. It was quiet the fusion. The mash was creamy and soft, and just burst with flavor, the fish- and I don’t it fish much- was soft and just gave away so steadily it felt like cutting through a cloud. The sauce with the fish added that whole other taste, it was fusion. The color didn’t change but the flavor was truly magnificent.

Good night readers!!!

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