Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Land Down Under- Sightseeing

For once on this trip we had an actual breakfast, because most of the time we had a Brunch. I helped my dad cook a Shakshuka, a Middle Eastern dish it contains- Egg (like a Sunnyside up), tomato (paste or fresh your choice) and spices (pepper, salt, basil etc);  fried in a pan. Then headed out for an hour drive to the Jenolan Caves; a nature reserve with hundreds of caves. So we signed up for a tour for the Lucas Cave. The place was spectacular.

We had to climb 1000 stairs but it was worth it. The stalagmites and the stalactites were so magical. They sparkled in the light. Some had water dripping down from them. We saw some crystals in the rocks; some were obvious to the eye, others not so much. Our tour guide was super nice and pointed out some fabulous looking rocks. There was a small statue of Liberty, and a Bishop. There was a story of a monster and we saw his ‘claws’ and his ‘face’. After the walk we had homemade lunch. We made sandwiches with ham, cheese and some tomato.

It was sad leaving the place because there were so many other caves to see. But we had to leave because we had other things to see. We drove for about and hour to a point with spectacular view. There was a waterfall and the scenery below was magical. It was green, not as green as Singapore, but green with a blue sky on top, with no buildings and there was just open space. We didn’t go all the way to the waterfall, but we did take wonderful photos; and as all good tourists do, we went to the gift shop.

 We also watched a video showcasing all the wonderful features on Blue Mountain. The video also showed the Jenolan Caves and I quote-‘On the outside it is breath taking, and underground it is inspiring’- every word the quote says is true. The under ground features were truly something to write about in detail, but I cant not enough time.

Lastly we had a long drive back to Sydney.

Good Night, signing out, sleep tight!!!

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