Sunday, 14 October 2012

What ya gonna do when it's day two

Well waking up at 6:30 in the morning by a phone two inches from your head, wasn't my way of a peaceful way to wake up in the morning. But it did happen and it is going to happen all week but other than that, most of the day was great.

We had a nice breakfast with different types of food to try, we then had a welcome meeting with the IQ Chinese staff. We sang a song saying 'I'm happy here, I'm happy there, I am happy everywhere'. We then got gift bags and stickers, a clip board, stationary etc. We then got our suitcases, got on the bus and had a bus ride to Yingge, a pottery town close by to Taoyuan.

We had a small tour in a small shop. They showed us a video of its history and the background of the owner. We then had time to make our own pots/plates/cups and later decorated them. In my opinion, I failed very badly because I had tried 11 times to get the plate I wanted.  We slowly made our way out and had a walk  in the streets. I bought a very tastey sausage. It was juicy and sweet very simple and local, but delightful.

We had lunch, the boys table had three bowls of rice to share and the food just didn't stop coming: fish; chicken; pork; rice; vegetables and prawns. Then had a visit to a temple where we asked for advice to a personal question. The answer to my inquiry was that I must always strive and work hard only then will I reach my goal.

Lastly, we had a UWC mini-amazing race. We were given a pair/group and a piece of paper with different images of things in a certain street and we set out looking for them. I and JC (Josh) found  most of the things then followed a dog we thought was stray, for fun. We bought wooden handmade swords as souvenirs, and had ice cream.

Now after all the fun we had a long walk after our lunch. We headed to our bus which took us to a train ride, and with my luck my suitcase broke. The train was really fast. It took us about 82 minutes to ride across Taiwan.  We then had to get on another bus to get to the hotel.

This hotel was amazing. So big it gave you a bit of a feeling like you were royal. The high ceilings with the chandeliers that sparkled in the light of the lamps. We went upstairs, cooled off and went to eat dinner. Then headed to the pool or gym.  I'm now writing these words to sum up day two. We sit, eat and travel all day. Tomorrow we take another train ride back to Taoyuan.

Good night!!!

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