Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Judgement and the Things We Say

It is in our nature to Judge. We judge the people around us by looks, hobbies, and the actions we see. Some judgements are very shallow. They are made because of people's music, art, backgrounds (family history) and sometimes even names. But all of this leads to one thing the human mind!

People believe that they can have their sins forgiven, that their wrong doings can be done right. All this can happen and it does often, but that doesn't mean that what you did/caused is forgotten. That the water just washed your footprint away. What you did is permanent! Whee I come from their is a moral:

'Three men are asked what is the tongue- the words we say?
The first said that the tongue is like the blade of the sword, because it can do huge and painful damage but at the same time it can be an art, cause relaxation and peace.
The second said that the tongue is like a hammer. Why? Because it can do permanent damage and also do something that stays for a long time-positively and negatively.
The last man said that the tongue is like an arrow-Now this might seem 'ok another weapon' but read on to find the special meaning- When an arrow is shot you have no control against it. Same with the tongue once it has said something, it is out and about. You cannot take it back. Plus once you shoot the arrow you don't know where it will land exactly.'

And this is the moral of the story. Don't judge and right away make an assumption about somebody. Meet the person, talk to them. Don't be Bias, don't just look through the one way lens. This moral tells us just how powerful just our words are. Not our actions physically but our verbal actions.

Wounds heal but scars just fade. They fade, yes but that doesn't mean they are gone completely.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me" This sentence which is very famous does stand for something. To me it means don't take what people say about personally. If they something about you that is wrong then ignore it. Its their mistake, their stupidity. If they say something true about you but you think that is who you are, then just wave their comments away. Sometimes judgement helps, but not if it hurts you from with in. It is bullying.

Think about what you say. Think about what you see and above all don't let people's words destroy you, because only you know the real and full you!


  1. Wow.. I think that after Chiang Mai and all the drama involved, this post is very touching and powerful. I agree with you about the judgement though, everyone does it. I mean everyone has at least a first impression and are generally thinking about another person's actions constantly. I can't pretend that I don't do this, by any means, but I do know that what people say can have a huge effect on others. Especially if it is something negative or spiteful. However I think that you're also right in saying that we have to forget about what some others think because no one can make everyone happy. There's always going to be someone who comments on what they don't need to or people who spread rumours/gossip. But, I guess, you can't really stop them.

    1. Thanks Bethany. This post actually came to thought around the time of the Chiang Mai trip. All the things that happened gave this whole idea for this post.

  2. Tzur that was really deep and fascinating. You have really made me open my eyes when I see and talk to other people. Since I am new to UWC as well, I think this is a really important thing to keep in mind when I see someone who I have never met. You gave some really good comparisons as this helped me gain a much better understanding of judgement. I totally agree with you when stated "you shouldn't let other people's words destroy you, because only you know the real and full you". I guess we all know about this but when it comes from someone directly, It can be painful

    1. You sound like you understand this deeply....... Has it ever happened to you?

  3. I love that you guys are having this conversation in this space. Hope others jump in too. Carry on....