Monday, 26 November 2012

Ode to my Books

They sit upon my shelves, my cupboards
waiting to be read.
Screaming and crying when not seen and
laugh in joy when seen once more.
From Sci-fi to Fantasy, to books of this day mingling with history
and reciting a story.

They empower my brain to twist and twirl
into knots if the next alien is pink or if the character will die.
The written words giving time for relaxation, but freeze me
'till my toes, for these imprinted letters speak
and ask me to take another peak.

Their faces smooth but their sides are rough.
For after many years you notice they are tough;
For they battle looks of wrinkles and crackling sounds of their spines.
But when those pages are flipped and those words are read,
the books are like a teleport, to a whole new place.

In fantasy you can be a mage
but in the next page, You are a knight walking
in the light of day.
And in Sci-fi you are an alien, a great warrior
loved by all your people.
As those colors are splashed into my head.
I want to go ahead.

They look so old from dust and years,
their twisted corners, are almost on every page.
Worn from being squished together but ar given freedom when picked out.
So in a few words , they feel much better.

Some are heavy as a boulder and
some are light as two one paper.
The bodies bodies of books we see cannot handle water,
but are amazing just the same.
As they feed me words of knowledge;
I smile with pride because I know I can go ahead.

When they are lost I start to panic, especially when the story
is half way through.
They are given as presents but are also bought by me just for me.
I let them discuss their tales with me in their mystical language
and with this they draw me into their realm.
What it brings me is fear and joy and even more!

When I was small I hated them but then I understood
as though slapped in the face, they are great!!
And both their hands, hold me and pull me with their words
and beg me to flip another white, smooth page.
And as they are read until the end they are
slamed shut BAM!! and are squeezed back into their empty black holes
until seen once more

This poem I wrote last year for my english poem unit. I am proud of it and I hope you enjoyed it!!


  1. Wow. That was an amazing piece of yours. Im sure this poem took you a while to write. You are a fantastic writer. I loved how you made comparisons and how descriptive you were. I probably read this poem 4 times already its really good! Great work.

    1. Thanks it actually did take me a long time.

  2. Lovely. I will share this with my grade 7's who are currently working on Poetry.