Saturday, 8 December 2012

Shaping our Futures

We have the power to make a change, we can act but do we?

I sat down this week to watch some TV. Turned it on and the first thing on the channel was an advertisement to Asia's Next Top Model, I thought to myself for a few second this is what people enjoy watching? Now I'm not saying this is a bad TV show, just for my taste I find this Bitter, like a trying to give a dog a shower. But then I thought of the lives of the people on the show. The contestants and the people who host the show.

All of this led me to think of the things we learn in school. How we can make a change. How we define being normal. And there it is again, BEAUTY. What people now a days think is needed the most. We spend so much effort and time on the make up we put on. The clothes we wear. We waste money for all of this and for what to prance around the city for a few hours, and then later on throw you clothes for washing and make up down the drain.

You see, we hear many people we can make a change. We can shape the world. The new generation can save us from an apocalypse. But will the new generation do this? Now I'm not saying that in the whole world everybody is like this, but most of the people who have the power dont use it. Why? Because the things we see around us are mostly to help someone else gain money. Not donate that cash to those who dont have anything. On TV many advertisements- even on kid channels- are about signing up and getting prizes, or a new series that came up full of beautiful women who have problems with their double life. 

I will finish this post since I'm just rambling by now. But think of the things that pop-up the most on TV the street, and does this slowly get stuck in your brain that this is more important than anything else. We need a better world, but we want other things and these wants are put higher in our daily lives than the things we need.

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