Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fear Poem

Hey Everybody;
This poem I wrote for the Blurb poem writing competition. Hope you enjoy it.

Its the monster beneath your bed
the crawling spider upon your head.
The shadow that creeps into your heart
and eats that golden love about.

As it sits and feeds about that shining inward eye
Your courage slowly falls and dies.
Its fear that people say is good
It brings the courage in you.

But only when the dark subsides
does fear weaken, sleep and hide.
And your courage flows again
through your every silver vein

But fear never dies and never stops
It travels from spot to spot
For fear is a part of you
That if you part you will never do.

The poem's end I've been told is a bit confusing. But I made it that way. It makes you think.


  1. This poem is incredible, its very thoughtful and the structure of this poem is all equal. Great thing you've got here, this should be shared by everyone in UWC. People should know that you can write such outstanding poem.

  2. What the God this should totally win a prize! And it really does make you wonder... Very lyrical and elusive. Great work!

    1. Thank you so much! I worked on it for a competition, so I put a lot of effort.