Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Island and The City

This Winter Break, I actually went to Australia, where it is Summer! So let me tell you a bit about it.

Kangaroo Island isn't the biggest Island, but four times larger then our Lion City. It has this cool breeze constantly, there is no scorching sun, or this huge disturbance of traffic. Everything was slow-going with kind people, who are polite and warm. So we has 5 fantastic days over there, seeing beautiful scenarios of the Indian Ocean, it was just magnificent. It had all the tones of blue from the lightest most sweetest blue, to this deep voiced blue, which just scram at you 'dip your toes in me, I will refresh you'. We saw this small cave which was pretty young compare to other more larger caves with huge ageing stalagmites and stalactites. The highlight though was the food, and I LOVE FOOD! 

Now Adelaide was a completely different place. It was Dry and Hot and just so evolved compared to Kangaroo Island. But it was a worthwhile experience. We reached there on the 31st of Dec, New Years eve, and had a wonderful dinner, had this wonderful seafood filled dinner, shrimp, scallops, oysters and salmon. We went out of the city most days. We went to the market. Seen the museums over there, the Art and the History Museums of course. Walked a lot.

We saw a few vineyards and the plantation just went on forever, it went into infinity. It was like staring at this huge multi-green blanket.

Now Lunch was a different story. We came to this small place owned by a famous chef called, Maggie Beer. The Pate served there was just sapid. WOW that was some place, and we got to learn a few tips when roasting garden vegetables.

So this is really the sum-up of my 10 day holiday!!!! Visit Australia its a must. An environmental diverse country, with wonderful people and food, Its a MUST go to Location!!

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