Saturday, 9 February 2013

Chinese New Year

For those who dont know, Chinese New Year is the start of a new Lunar Calendar for the Chinese. The Celebration lasts for 15 whole days and the last day is called the Lantern Festival, since that is the day where everybody must go outside and mingle with everyone else.

The day before the Chinese New Year each household must clean their house, and on the first day wear new clothes to welcome the New Year.  One tradition on Chinese New Year is to worship the Kitchen God, who at the start of each year goes up to the Heavens and tells to the Jade King (the ruler of Heaven) about all the bad and good doings of each and every family. So each family has an alter for the God and have things such as grass and water and other food for him and his horse, but they also give him sticky rice of something sticky so that he 1)Gets his mouth stuck together and so cannot talk ill of the families 2)So that he is happy for he has had sweet things and only tells the good parts.

Another tradition on Chinese New Year, is putting up the Character "Fu"-福, upside down, why? Because once this emperor who liked to disguise himself as a commoner, went out and over heard a family talk ill about him. He was Furios and so told the guards to go to that family's house and hang their "Fu" upside down. The Queen being good hearted wanted to stop this and so told everybody to place their "Fu" upside down. And so the tradition of hanging upside down Fu began.

There are lots of stories about different Traditions on Chinese New Year, but the one thing that is the most important is being with your family. The 15 days of Chinese New Year are for each family and go visit one another, each and every relative in their own home. The Last day being, the Lantern Festival, is also a day when a boy and a girl must go together and figure out different riddles placed in the Lanterns creating a strong bond.

Chinese New Year is a time for rejoicing, it is a time to be with family and eat a lot of good food.
新年快乐(xin nian kuai le)- Happt New Year, 身体健康 (shen ti jian kang)- Good Health,  these are just some phrases to say on Chinese New Year.


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