Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to write about Israel

In English class we read a post which is a sarcastic and innovative piece of writing, that if you read between the lines understand the one way spectrum that humans look through everyday. Click here for the article

People dont write often about Israel. But if they do remember to use politics. Talk about the conflicts it has, and how these conflicts are internal and international. Always remember to go back to the Torah and reflect upon the fathers such as Abraham and Moses. Speak of the troubles and pain that the people went through, but once in a while hint of what they gained. At list once talk about an Orthodox Rabbi, and have something happen, in Jerusalem. Talk about the desert, and the dry climates and of the water scarcity. Never have the word 'Israel' in your title, but use 'Sand', 'Majestic', 'Troubles', 'Evolved'.

Have a character with dark skin and describe it 'it was black as coal' or 'Dark as chocolate'. One character should have a small family and the other big that stretches to members across the world. Have one rich and one not so, and always remember to give them surnames such as, 'Jacobs' 'Michaeli' or a complicated name that you spit in the end.

To end your story, have the character win! Always make the character victorious, and he or she gains riches. Since money is a big thing and people in Israel like it. Have them though make change, so they look good and never make them look bad, thats bad, not very interesting.

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  1. I liked how you said make one character this and another different. It was very interesting to read your post on Israel because I barely knew much about it.