Sunday, 24 February 2013

What is the What?

When one is new, one sees what others dont. "What is the What" by Dave Eggers, is a fictional story, that is based on a real life scenario. It is based on this one man's life and his journey from the Sudan to US. In my opinion, this is an interesting book, it isn't the most engaging, but it is mind-twisting. What interests me? Well, the way he is treated in the US. In the hospital when he waits for two hours, for a couple of stitches and there are no other patients, in the hospital in the waiting area. But in some areas of the book, I just want to throw that book at the wall. He just rambles about stuff that aren't very related to the most interesting thing, and just out of nowhere he changes to something, that is completely different. Over and over in the areas that I like, he changes to something else, and what I find most interesting, is that he keeps pointing things out, that later on, dont connect with anything, else in the book, but with real life. With events and scenes that really happen. He sees the way others are treated around him and the differences in the way people act towards him.

What is the What, isn't a typical fictional book, with adventure, it is kind of a weapon, to sneak all this real information into the minds of others, the minds of those who can help those who need it.  Over all this book, is good, but in my opinion and for someone like me, it isn't the best, though it does teach. Because when one sees in another's eyes, when one is different and is learning, one sees the different acts upon others.

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