Sunday, 31 March 2013


This might be more of a religious view, to others. And to some just a touching story, if I get it right. But today My mom told me a very beautiful but sad story of an autistic boy, who went to a normal christian school in the US and was Isolated, he was made fun off because he was, abnormal.

But let me start from the very begging.

After the crucification, Jesus was buried in a cave and stone was rolled to cover the entrance. No one could go in, because the stone was supremely heavy and nothing could come out. This is the day we now call- Good Friday, the only day christians fast. But after three days, Easter, Mary his mother went to cry beside the cave but found that the stoned was rolled a side and inside instead of her son’s body, she found two angels sent to give her a message. Jesus have risen from the dead- not in the wet flesh, bloody look dead- and is roaming the world, spreading the word of god once more for the next 30 days.

And now the story my mom told me:

The young boy was alone at school. His class made fun of him, but his teacher was nice to him and took time to explain everything to him, so he wouldn’t fall behind his class to a point where he would look an elephant with a group of mice. One day he spoke to the class, and this was rare, he said that he loves his teacher. Now this made things worse, his class made even more fun of him and his teacher didn’t know what to say. Later his teacher spoke to the class about the crucification of Jesus (See above paragraph), and told the kids that their homework over the Easter Holiday was to fill the plastic eggs she would hand out with something that symbolizes life to them. She took note to call the ‘special’ boy’s parents to make sure they knew. But she forgot from overwhelming work. And so the break came and past. On Tuesday after the break, the kids handed in their colorful, life filled eggs. Slowly she opened one by one to share with the class, one had a flower for it closes, withers and grows once more. There was a plastic Butterfly, it is reborn from with in a cocoon. Then she got to the third egg, it was empty. She thought it was the autistic boy’s one and didn’t know what to say, so she set it aside for it was empty. Then the boy spoke:

“Why have you not spoken of my egg?”

She replied saying because it was empty, But he then said something very smart, that Jesus’s cave was also empty, but it was a sign of rebirth of life. 

Sadly three months later this wonderful gifted kid passed away from disease. His whole class placed 19 empty eggs in his coffin as a symbol, to his rebirth in heaven.

Now to this post I have not personal message I would ramble on about, I want you the reader to think of one for yourself. Read this, share this and live it. Be thankful and think of this boy, who made a small spark to his class, and truly held a strong belief to what he was taught through out his life, though rough but ended in the bask of the rising sun of life.

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