Monday, 25 March 2013


I know I haven't blogged lately, so this one is the newest post, though some of you wont find interesting.

But here goes:
Rage like many things is a prior emotion to human life. It motivates and keeps up going. But when not controlled, and you let it control you, you will achieve nothing, but the feeling of regret and confusion in the aftermath. Rage like many things is in human nature, it cannot be removed or hidden away. Like fear, excitement, pride, it is in our nature to feel it.

Rage is a deadly sin. Because it is not liked, unwanted and above all, thought of as useless It isn't though. Rage/Wrath, is a much more powerful then anger. Like Pokemon or to gamers, another level.  Rage motivated you to try and get even, its part of nature. Good and Evil, Black and White, Yin and Yang, Darkness and Light. It of course like other categorized sins has a virtue-Patience.

I look in this way, when I think of it- It is a chamber in the mind, a dark locked chamber. When it is opened other chambers lock up, from fear, I guess. But anyway. A state of mind closes and Rage takes over like a shadow, that devours everything in whole, it doesn't kill, if it is suppressed. But if not, it will destroy the valley- the mind- and until their is nothing but sorrow, regret or nothing at all.

Anyway...... As I was saying. Rage is a part of who we are but we just have to keep it in place, tame it, control it. After all it is us and if we can't with hold ourselves who can (mentally speaking, not physically).

So before I ramble on ad re-repeat myself over and over. Think of who you are, who you want to be and see how rage can prevent, or create that thought. Is Rage as bad as it was seen in the past?

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